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P-L Driver CJ Jelin’s Experience at The Reedy Race! Featuring Pro-Line Positrons


This past weekend I participated in my first Reedy Race Of Champions, held at OCRC Raceway, and it was a blast.

I ran Open 4WD and Open 2WD Buggy. Wednesday was practice for the Open Drivers. Thursday was the first day on the controlled tires and everyone got 1 practice round and then 2 rounds of seeding. I seeded 4th in the C-Main qualifier in 2wd and 3rd in the a qualifier in 4WD. Friday and Saturday were qualifying. There were 3 rounds of qualifying on Friday and 1 round on Saturday. In the 4wd qualifying round 1, I had a good qualifier with a couple mistakes to finish 3rd for the round.

Pro-Line Positrons were the Tire for Buggy!IMG_3328

In round 2, I had no mistakes and a very fast round to TQ the 2nd round. In round 3, I had a good run to finish 3rd for the round. In round 4, I tried heavier diff fluid; it was better. Then I had a good run to finish 3rd for the last round of qualifying. After qualifying, I would start 3rd in the open 4WD A-Main. 2WD qualifying, in round 1, I had a DNF. In round 2 I had a better run and finished 15th for the round.

In round 3, I got 8th for the round. In the last round of qualifying I finished 12th for the round. After 2wd qualifying I would start 5th in the B main. Sunday was main day. The B main in 2wd was action packed for the full 10 minutes. I was 8th after the first lap and started slowly making my way up to third and started to battle with Austin Horne for second. After a couple laps, I got into 2nd and on the same lap I passed 1st and was in first upon till the 25th lap the screw fell out of the rear arm and, as a result, I finished 9th.


There was a junior race for 15 and under kids that did not make the A-Main in 2WD. I started 1st in the junior race. Matthew, Kyle and I battled until the end. I was in first, then Kyle was in first, then Matthew was in first. I got the lead with about 3-minutes to go and lead for the rest of the race to win the junior final. A1 4WD, I had a good start and and was in 4th for a little bit then went back to 5th and 6th. But I got back up to 4th and finished there in A1. A2 I had a bad start but after the fourth lap I was back in 3rd and remained there for a little bit then, I got by 2nd and they went on and caught first and passed first I was in the lead for 8 laps but then I crashed 2 times in one lap and I fell back into 2nd, then 2 laps later, my battery died.


I would like to thank everyone that helped me this past weekend: Kevin Palmer, the Tessman’s and all my sponsors: Xray, RCamerica, Amain.com, Hobbywing, Pro-Line, Protekrc, Hudy, Ogio, Stickit 1, Vp Racing Fuels, Hooked.