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P-L Driver Mike Eglberger at CRCRC Midwest Championships


This past weekend I made my way to the Ohio RC Factory for the 2017 CRCRC Midwest Championships. I ran Pro E-Buggy and 4WD SCT. Friday practice was spent getting a good bit of run time on the new EB48.4 Buggy and get comfortable with the new car. At the end of the day I was very happy with both cars and was ready to start qualifying.

Pro-Line Products used:
M4 Electrons on SCT and 1:8 Buggy, M4 Hole Shots on SCT and 1:8 Buggy.
V2 Velocity Wheels, F-11 0-offset rims
High Flow pre-cut fusion SCT body
Trifecta Lexan 1:8 Buggy WingMikeE3

E-Buggy qualifying did not start off to well considering I did not finish my first run and my second run was plagued with some driver error. The third round everything came together and was able to get a solid run placing me 10th in the B-Main and 20th overall in a field only separated by seconds. SCT was a total reversed from E-Buggy, I was able to get my best run of the day during the first qualifier placing me 4th in the A-Main.


I was happy with were I qualified in E-Buggy with this being my first run with the new car and with the field being so close in times. Shortly after the E-Buggy Main had started I had found myself in the 4th position with a train of cars in toe. After a few driver errors I had falling back to the 8th position, but into a good race between 6th, 7th, and myself. At the end I would find myself finishing in the 7th position. SCT started a little different. On the first lap due to driver error I fell back to 10th. I ended up making my way back up to the 4th position within a few laps and catching 3rd. After some traffic issues I found my self racing lapped traffic and fighting to get by and keeping pace with the front of the pack. At the end I had settled into the 5th position where I would finish.

mikeE4 MikeE5

– Mike Eglberger