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P-L Driver Travis Kendall at Die Hard Raceway representing Pro-Line Racing


I attended another round of the traveling turf series this past Saturday. I made some overhaul changes to the D413 which I am stoked to stay have paid off. I sort of broke the rule about making too many changes but I felt this was an important step to stepping out of my comfort zone.

I had two mediocre qualifying runs which put me 5th on the grid. I tend to peak in the Mains anyways but this was less than I was hoping for since I like to place higher to give myself a better shot. The car felt very good but it was tough to adjust to the radically different driving style it needed to be quick, so it took me most of the day to figure that out. 20170114_160142519_iOS 20170115_043052000_iOS 20170114_175158251_iOS16143464_588684578002152_1542312845888611593_o

The main went decent. Made my way from 5th to 2nd on the first lap after just some careful early corner driving but I made a mistake on the second lap that cost me big and sent me back to 4th. I would remain there for the rest of the race so I ended up 4th overall. I really wasn’t happy with that result but I was happy with the car and right now that is more important.

I do apologize for not having Pro-Line Tires on for this race. Given how close that race was to coming on board I didn’t have the opportunity to get an order in so I had to use what I had in the box and what I had been using for testing with what I have been working on with HB.

Travis Kendall