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Julian Malevanets Wins at the LHR Thanksgiving Nationals on Pro-Line Electrons

Over 130 entries gathered for the annual “Wednesday Night Nationals” race during Thanksgiving week at Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, IL. This race always brings a large crowd and we knew this was going to be a long night as it is every year. The track crew did an amazing job preparing a fun, flowing and fast layout that would bring great racing throughout the night. I would be running my HB Racing D815 electric converted E-Buggy.

 After my initial few  practice runs, it was clear that the Pro-Line MC Electron‘s would be the tire of choice and they were providing the highest and most consistent grip. There was a small layer of dust that would accumulate on the top of the racing surface due to the cold temperatures and the MC Electrons were outperforming everything else on the track.
I was able to get my car feeling great after practice and after 2 rounds of qualifying I was able to put my car 3rd on the grid for the A-main. The key to this track was just to stay as smooth and consistent as possible, and that’s exactly what I was able to do. The leaders made a couple mistakes and I was able to sneak by for the lead during the first half of the race. The trailing drivers made multiple runs for the lead, but I was ultimately able to keep it consistent and put in clean laps for the remainder of the race to come away with the win. Our main finally finished at 2am which made for a long but definitely rewarding race day.
Thank you to my sponsors who help make this possible!
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Julian Malevanets