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P-L Driver Tom Massetti Takes the Victory at Rocktoberfest on Pro-Line Primes

Quick recap from this past weekend at Wolcott Raceway and Hobby’s annual Rocktoberfest race. I ran 2WD Mod Buggy, 2WD Stock Buggy, 2WD Mod Truck.

Pro-Line Primes for 1-10 Truck
Pro-Line Primes for 1-10 Buggy

tm2wdbgrocktobertm2truckbgrocktoberIn 2WD Stock Buggy, I would end up qualifying 2nd. In the Main, I would stay behind the leader for 2 laps before I made an inside pass and never looked back. I ended up taking down the win on my Pro-Line Prime Equipped B6.

In 2WD Mod Truck, I would end up qualifying 1st by over 1.5 laps (about 30-seconds). The truck was cheating good on Pro-Line Primes. In the Main, I took a tone to tone victory!

In 2WD mod, I would qualify 7th and finish the same in a stacked field. Little bummed about this because I know I had a better result in me, but considering it went down to a C-Main for mod it wasn’t too bad. That’s just how racing goes.

Thanks again for all the continued support.

– Tom Massetti