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Sean Barrett: HOW TO Cut-n-shut your Pro-Line 1.9″ Swampers to fit 1.55″ Wheels

This is a little tutorial on how to cut-n-shut 1.9 tires to fit on 1.55 wheels you will need Pro-Line 1.9″ tires of your choice and 1.55″ Wheels of your choice.Pro-Line 1.9″ TSL SX Super Swampers #1163-14 were used in this setup


Then you will need a sharp pair of scissors to cut the tires and some fast set thin ca glue and some rubberized ca tire glue.


Take the tire in your hand and find blank spots on the side of the tire to make sure your not cutting into the lettering.


Hold the scissors perpendicular to the bead of the tire and cut next to one of the lugs on the tread of the tire. Cut as straight as possible, or follow tread pattern for interlocking fit.


Place tire on the wheel as you would to mount it and check to see that the cut location is a proper fit, there should be a slight gap, this will ensure a nice tight fit after gluing.


Once you are happy with the cut, its time to glue’em up. you will want to tack the tire back together with the quick set CA glue, such as Pro-Line Tire Glue. Once dry, you will want to add another layer of rubberized glue along the seam inside the tire.


Once dry, mount normally. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of Pro-Line 1.55″ Tires!