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Pro-Line at 1:10 ROAR Nationals: 10 RD TQ’s, 6 A-Main Wins & 2 Phend National Championships!


Pro-Line’s Matt and Louis traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to support the Team for the 1:10 ROAR Off Road Nationals held at the awesome Hobby Town HobbyPLEX facility run by Alex Sturgeon and the great HobbyPLEX crew.

From the beginning, Pro-Line’s Team of Dakotah Phend, Ty Tessmann, and Jared Tebo, along with many other team drivers, were looking fast on Pro-Line MC compound Electron Tires and Pro-Line Accessories like Bodies, Wings and Glue.

Dakotah Phend rose to the top after qualifying by taking the overall TQ in all 3 mod classes: 2wd, 4wd & Truck!  Ty Tessmann would start 2nd overall in 2wd and 3rd in 4wd and Jared would start 2nd in Truck and 5th in 4wd.

On Main Day, Dakotah continued his domination by taking the first 2 mains of 2wd and Truck to take 2 Nationals Championships!  Dakotah also took the first 4wd A-Main but a couple of rare mistakes in A2 and A3 cost him a chance at a 3rd National Championship and a perfect weekend. He would have to settle for 2nd overall in 4wd. Ty Tessmann took a well deserved 2nd overall in 2wd, often showing the same crazy fast pace as Dakotah that no one else could match, and 3rd overall in 4wd.  Jared Tebo took 3rd overall in Mod Truck.

So, it was another incredible weekend for Pro-Line and our team!

For 3 Mod Classes Pro-Line drivers had 10 TQ’s out of 12, 6 A-Main Wins out of 9 and 2 National Championships out of 3!  Pro-Line Domination!!  Great work team!