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Kevin Palmer Podiums at SWORKZ Challenge on Pro-Line SwitchBlades


This past weekend I attended the 2016 SWORKZ Challenge at AMain Hobbies.  I ran Open E-BuggyPro Nitro Truggy,  and Pro Nitro Buggy.

Friday was practice and my HB racing cars were hooked up on Pro-Line X3 SwitchBlades and X3 Suppressors.  Saturday was qualifying and Mains.

There were 3 qualifying rounds and 20-minute lower Mains, two 10-minute A-Mains for E-Buggy, and 30-minute Nitro A-Mains.

kp2 kp1 kp5

In round one of E-Buggy  qualifying I had some mistakes but still had a good run to top qualify the round .  In the second round I made too many little mistakes and was able to finish in 5th place for the round. In the last round of qualifying I had top qualified with no mistakes and since I TQ’d 2 out of the 3 rounds, I would start 1st. In the start of A1 I had stayed out front for all 10-minutes with two mistakes but was able to win A1.  In A1 my motor was over 200 degrees ,so at the start of A2 I had motor problems and could not race  A2,I finished last in A2.


In round one of pro nitro buggy qualifying I choose M3 SwitchBlade, they gave my car to much traction and it was hard to drive but I still finished 6th. In the second round of pro nitro buggy I went to X3 SwitchBlades and my car was really good and was able to finish 3rd  The last round of qualifying I had an amazing run and was able to finish second, that would start me in second for the Pro Nitro Buggy A-Main. The start of the pro nitro buggy A-Main was good. Austin Blair and I had gotten away from the pack and were having a good race until I had a mistake and I went back to third. Then I started to battle with Chad Bradley and Jacob Hass for second and 3rd. Before my first pit stop I crashed and pinned it to try to get it back on its wheels  but flamed out. After that was done I was in 6th but worked my way back up after being 2 laps down and finished 3rd.

kp4 kp6

In round one of Pro Nitro Truggy qualifying my diff shimming was wrong and I pulled my Truggy off the track because it sounded bad .  In the second round Kevin had fixed my Truggy and I was able to have a strong run and finish 3rd. In the last round of qualifying I had a good run but had little bobbles and finished 2nd, I was starting 3rd in the pro truggy A-Main.  The start of the Pro Truggy A-Main I was in a battle with Phillip Antondo and Chad Bradley. I had some mistakes that let them get away and I was never able to catch them, but finished 3rd.

I ran M3 Hole Shots on the E-Buggy for A1, X3 SwitchBlades in the Pro Nitro Buggy A-Main, and X3 Suppressor on the Pro Truggy A-Main.

I would like to thank Kevin Palmer, Mark  Schroeder, and Kerry  Lemos for all the help this past weekend. I would also like to thank my sponsors HBracing, Pro-Line Racing, A Main.com, Protekrc, Hobbywing, Vp Racing Fuels, Ogio, Maddox Designs, Reds Air Brush Designs, and Hooked Tire Sauce

– Kevin Palmer