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Michael Webb Shares his latest Races with Pro-Line Fugitive Tires

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Spring Sting – Myrtle Beach, SC  4/28 thru 4/29/16

E-Buggy we ended up qualifying 7th in the A-Main but had a really bad 2nd lap and went to the rear of the field. Made my way back up to the middle of the pack and had some mistakes that lead to me finishing 10th.

Pro Buggy we didn’t do so well in qualifying and started 7th in the B-Main. It was a 10-min Main so we decided to try and go the whole 10 with no pit. We were running 3rd about 2 corners away from 1st and 2nd crossed the line with 7-sec left and about 3 corners later we ran out of fuel. The way we had it figured we could go 10 easy but I guess I must have been really over driving the car trying to catch up. So I ended up 5th in the Main.  This was our 2nd time racing in the past few months so I thought the results were not that bad considering not racing much at all do to work. 230 entries

Michael ran Pro-Line Fugitive Tires

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King RC – King, NC 5/7/16

E-Buggy we qualified 5th in the A-Main. That’s where we ended up because it got rained out.

Pro Buggy we qualified 6th in the A-Main. We got to run this main before it rained. The track was extremely wet all day long so grip was hard to come by by the end of the day. The more it started to dry the slicker it got. We had a set of tires working really good but I thought they may have been to good because they were rolling over on the wheels in mid corner. So I decided to go with a set that was newer and not as much traction compound. That ended up being the wrong decision. The car was terrible in the Main so I had to drive what I had. I ended up 9th in the main. They had 155 entries.

Speed RC – Moresville, NC 5/14/16

E-buggy we qualified 4th in the A-Main. After the first lap of the Main I was down to dead last after a first lap big wreck.  I ended up putting my head down and trying to get clean laps. I made my way up to 4th and had a bobble and ended up finishing 5th.

Pro Buggy we qualified 7th but ended up finishing 10th. We struggled all day to get the car to settle down on the ruff track. We finally got the car a lot better I just made some mistakes during the Main. 20-sec lap times it doesn’t take long to get behind. They had 105 entries

Mike Webb