Factory Team

Kenneth Johns Podiums at NorCal Hobbies on Pro-Line Primes


This past Friday night at Norcal Hobbies in San Jose, CA April 23 2016 had a blast hanging with a couple Kyosho drivers Tanner day and Charlie cavalier. Tanner would TQ I was right behind him in second and my great friend Sean catucci in third. Sean and I planned to work together n try and attack Day but it just wasn’t meant to b that kids mega fast. I made an early bobble letting Catucci by and we all finished in the order.

My Pro-Line Primes were super hooked as usual and I was testing different bodies all night I ended up with the predator it seemed a lot smoother with the high bite Norcal Hobbies has.

I would like to thank all my sponsors Pro-Line, Schelle, and Team Powers

– Kenneth Johns