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Daniel Grobe at Thornhill JR 1:10 Series RD3 on Pro-Line Electrons


This weekend was round 3 of the Thornhill Racing Circuit JR series, with almost 70 entries for the day, we had 9 heats. 3 of those heats were in 2WD Stock Buggy.

I started this week with the stock XRay XB2 DE conversion setup, and immediately was as fast as I was with the CE car. Few minor tweaks to the setup, and I was turning faster laps than I ever had turned with the CE edition, and on slick Pro-Line Electron Clay Tires. So I was pretty pleased overall with the car through practice. Lap times were 14.4’s. fastest ever with the CE car, was 14.6’s

Starting the first round of qualifying, they sprayed the track with some traction compound I think, and with the humidity as high as it was, the first round was very slick. I ran worn Pro-Line Microns and managed a good run but, qualified 3rd overall. Fastest lap time was a 15.1 in that qualifier. No other car got into the 14’s. everyone said how slick the track was.

2nd qualifier, i went with tried and true Electrons in Clay compound. turned out to be the fastest qualifier for everyone. Seemed everyone was on a TQ run. With a bad start again, I was able to chase down the leader, and him and I battled back and forth on the clock, taking the lead by a tenth, then losing the lead by a tenth. On the last lap, last corner, a slight bobble, and I lost TQ by .012 of a second to overall TQ Victor Young. 20 laps 5:03.807 to victor with a 20 lap 5:03.795. the fastest either of us has run on this track. The 3rd round, would need to be faster.


In the 3rd round, both victor and I got off rough starts. Neither would better our time.

For the main, I was pleased with the car. Ready to go. Starting from the #2 spot, just wanted to get out front, with a clean first lap. Which we did. I was behind victor, until he made a mistake, which allowed me out front. I pulled a good gap, putting in some very consistent lap times, and able to get out to a 3 or 4 second lead. Holding that lead for the majority of the race. With about 1 minute to go in the 8 minute main, my car seemed to fall off pace. Don’t know if the battery went soft, or the motor got hot but my car was slowing down. Victor chased me down, but ran out of time, had we had another lap, I think he would have passed me. I ended up with the win by only a half second over victor.

round 3 result

currently after 3 rounds of the series, there is a tie for the points lead in 2wd Stock Buggy
point standings

Daniel Grobe