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1973 Ford Bronco Clear Body
for 12″ (305mm) Wheelbase Rock Crawler


This is a 1973 Ford® Bronco Clear Body. Pro-Line is pleased to announce the release of the 1973 Ford® Bronco body for 1:10 Rock Crawlers. Pro-Line has captured the overall essence of the Bronco and have now made it available in 1:10 scale format for 12” wheelbase Rock Crawlers! Complete with detailed grill, headlights, body molding trim, and that original distinct Bronco look, classic scalers will not want to be left behind.
When you’re looking to travel back in time in automotive history and let your imagination take over, then check out Pro-Line’s new 1973 Ford® Bronco body.

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Pro-Line Enforcer Clear Body
for RC8T3


This is a Pro-Line Enforcer Clear Body for AE RC8T3. Want the best body for your new RC8T3? Look no further than the body that is included with the kit: The Pro-Line Enforcer! Originally from the mind of Ty Tessmann the Enforcer has a meaner and more angular front end look with swooping roof and bed sections for improved airflow and high-speed stability. The hood of the truck is steeper to create more down force over the front wheels for more steering and faster lap times. Be more competitive at the track with Pro-Line’s new Enforcer body!

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Blockade 2.2″ 4WD Off-Road Buggy Front Tires
for 2.2″ 1:10 4WD Front Buggy Wheels, Includes Closed Cell Foam
#8252-02 M3 (Soft)
#8252-03 M4 (Super Soft)


This is a pair of Blockade 4wd Front tires. Pro-Line is bringing the incredibly successful 1:8 Buggy Blockade tire to 1:10 Buggy! If you find yourself racing in loose, dusty or hard-packed conditions with your 1:10 Buggy – the Blockades are critical to have! The Revolutionary tread design features large lugs for class leading tread life, perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward bite and uniquely blended side tread that reduces the edginess found in other race tires. This tire will give your buggy qualifying speed with tread life capable of outlasting the competition. Pro-Line’s Blockade is the new must-have 1:10 Buggy Race tire and will help you dominate your local track. The Blockade – The latest way that Pro-Line is Racing to Bring You The Best!

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Pro-Line Chassis Protectors
Universal Clear:#6309-00
Black: #6309-01 B5M, #6309-02 B44.3, #6309-03 22 3.0
Team: #6309-04 B5M, #6309-05 B44.3


These are Pro-Line chassis protectors for 1:10 Buggy and 1:10 Truck (Universal Protector Only). Are you tired of picking dirt out of the screw heads on the bottom of your chassis? Do you want to add an extra layer of protection to the bottom of your 1:10 Race Buggy or Truck? Pro-Line has the solution for you! The Chassis Protector is extra thick at 0.5mm (0.020”) with a perfect fit for your 1:10 Buggy or Truck*.

The Chassis Skin is manufactured by Upgrade RC graphics for Pro-Line, so you can be confident that you are getting the very best quality. Protect your RC investment with the Pro-Line Chassis Skin today!

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