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Pro-Line April 1st 2016 NEW RELEASE

Pro-Line’s Early April 2016 NEW RELEASE

Mo’ Flo Clear Body
for Short Course Trucks
Part # TBA

Pro-Line is at it again with those innovative products!  Introducing the most highly advanced Short Course body ever produced: the Pro-Line Mo’ Flo!  Taking inspiration from the aerodynamic prowess of the Swiss and their mouthwatering yellow cheese, the all-new Made in the USA Pro-Line Mo’ Flo SC Body has more holes than you can shake a stick at!  Wind will not affect this body because there is almost nothing there to catch air.  In fact, this body was tested in Hurricane force winds on Pro-Line’s PRO-2 SC Truck Kit and the wind didn’t move the truck an inch!  A side benefit to the huge, gaping body holes all over the Mo’ Flo body is the massive reduction in weight. The Pro-Line Mo’ Flo body boasts an enormous 700% in weight reduction compared to even the lightest preceding Short Course body, which transforms the handling of your Short Course Truck into that of a 2wd Mod Buggy!  Get your own Pro-Line Mo’ Flo body starting April 1st!!

**Please note that Pro-Line will NOT warranty any Mo’ Flo bodies that have been crashed, rolled over or taken off any “sweet jumps”**


  • Inspired by Swiss Cheese Technology
  • Hurricane Force Wind Tested and Approved
  • 700% Weight Reduction
  • Most Awesome Body Ever Created
  • Available April 1st