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Ethan Lefebvre At Thorhill Grand Re-Opening on Pro-Line SwitchBlades


This weekend I attended the Grand Re-Opening race at Thornhill Racing Ciruit in Hutto, Texas the home of the “The Dirt” Lonestar Nitro Challenge, 2016 ROAR Fuel off-road nationals and The Pro-Line Shootout!! This 3 day race had 268 entries from all over the United States including Pro-Line teammate Joe Bornhorst from Ohio and all my Pro-Line teammates from Texas!

Friday practice started at noon with a bunch of people in line ready to drive on the newly rebuilt track from Joey “The Dirt” Christensen. The track was ran damp all day to keep the track surface together for great racing through out the weekend. I was able to get a good amount of practice with my X-Ray XB8 and X-Ray XB8E on Pro-Line X3 Blockades. As practice went on the track was getting smoother and had a groove starting to develop. For my last few practices I wanted to try a smaller pin so I decided to try Pro-Line X3 and X2 Hole Shots. With great success on the Pro-Line Hole Shots I tried X2 Switchblades which had the same great result. By the end of Friday I was feeling very convenient for the weekend ahead.

Saturday started qualifying. Because of the amount of entries Thornhill decided to lower the heats from 7-minutes to 5-minutes so it wasn’t a late night. When round 1 came around my E-Buggy was up first. The track was still damp because they watered overnight so I decided to run X2 Hole Shots. After a few mistakes I ended up 10th for the round and wasn’t able to better that. So after all 3 rounds were over I was qualified 10th overall in expert E-Buggy going into main day!

Round 1 of nitro buggy I went out on X2 Hole Shots just like E-Buggy because they felt really good on my E-Buggy. I was on a really good run until I got tangled up with some lap traffic which cost me about 8-seconds total and put me 11th for the round.

Round 2 was up and the track was now dry and and looked a little loose so I decided to run X3 Hole Shots to help with the slicker conditions. I was very happy with my Tire choice as I would better my time even with a few mistakes. My Pro-Line teammate Joe Bornhorst ran MC electrons and had great success on them.

Round 3 was going into the night and the track was cooling down and the water in the track was starting to come to the surface. I was going to run X3 Hole Shots but my dad changed my mind as he said try the MC Electron and see how they work! So I glued up my MC Electrons in about 15-mins right before my last run of the night. I’m glad I listened to him as it was my fastest run of the day by 14-seconds and qualified me 6th into the expert Nitro Buggy A-Main!

Sunday was Main day!
First up was the first of 2 E-Buggy A-Mains. I ran Pro-Line x4 Ions. I had a ruff start but ended up 8th after 10mins. Up next was the nitro buggy main. I decided to put on X2 SwitchBlade for the Main. During warm up the tires didn’t feel like I wanted so we decided to change to the MC Electrons that I ran in round 3. Again I had a ruff start to the main. As the main went on I ran out of fuel on my in lap which was a bummer but stuff happens. Then with about 7-minutes left my receiver decided that it didn’t want to work anymore which put a end to my main. My teammate Joe Bornhorst won followed by Jake Dellinger and Tyler Hooks also Pro-Line teammates. A few races later was the final E-Buggy Main. With the track very dry now and a little dusty I decided to use this main as a tire test. I ran X1 Hole Shots which had pretty good traction! I finished 9th overall in E-Buggy. With teammates Jake Dellinger and Joe Bornhorst tied after the 2 Mains the tie breaker was set for fastest main which would go to Jake as the overall winner of E-Buggy! Overall it was a great weekend of racing, learning a lot for the upcoming races and spending time with all my family,friends and Pro-Line teammates!

Pro-Line products I used:
X3 Hole Shots
X2 Hole Shots
X1 Hole Shots
X2 SwitchBlades
X4 Suppressors
X3 Blockades
X4 Ions
MC Electrons
Trifecta Lexan Wings

Results of my Mains!

Nitro Buggy A-Main
1st Joe Bornhorst PL
2nd Jake Dellinger PL
3rd Tyler Hooks. PL
4th Hunter Kinsey
5th Noah Dickerson PL
6th Robbie Darby PL
7th Josh Glancy PL
8th Rocco Margiotta PL
9th Mike Battaile PL
10th Alex Gwin
11th Wade Moore PL
12th Brandon Rose PL
13th Reggie Tongue PL
14th Ethan Lefebvre PL
15th Ty Rogers

1st Jake Dellinger PL
2nd Joe Bornhorst PL
3rd Noah Dickerson PL
4th Ty Rogers
5th Martin Harrison
6th Brandon Rose PL
7th Tyler Hooks PL
8th Kevin McCoy
9th Ethan Lefebvre PL
10th Reggie Tongue PL
11th Robbie Darby PL
12th Demarco Pendarvis
13th Brad Ripple
14th Thomas Reeves
15th David Joor PL

Thank you Pro-Line for all of the support!

Thank you to all my sponsors!!
RCAmerica, Xray, Hudy, Pro-Line Racing, Avidrc, VP Powermaster, Dutch Oven Designs, Prolevelrc, Thornhill Racing Circuit, The Lord and savior JesusChrist, My Parents and Family!