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Ty Tessmann TQs and Wins at Chi-Town on Pro-Line Primes

Chitown1 Chitown2

This past weekend we traveled to Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, Illinois to attend the Chitown Shootout, I ran both the Mod 2WD and Mod 4WD Buggy Classes. The facility was top notch and the people were very welcoming and friendly, there are some very fast local racers in that area. The track layout was high speed with a really cool step up that was very challenging.
Wednesday there was a bit of practice and had club racing that evening, I decided to not run the club race because there was practice all day Thursday as well. I was able to get my cars setup the way I wanted them and get tires broke in.

Ty ran Pro-Line Prime Tires on his 2WD and 4WD Buggies

I felt confident going into qualifying, my cars felt really good. In the 1st 2WD qualifier I started out on a really good run, when I crashed all on my own and bent something that tweaked my steering that made the car super hard to drive and I was only able to get a 6th for that round. The rest of the 2wd qualifiers went really well and I was able to TQ the next 3 rounds, trying slightly different setups for each one to get my car to be the best it could be.
4wd went extremely well and I was able to TQ the first 3 rounds, then in the 4th round I went out on slicks that were super fast but very hard to drive, I was still able to TQ that round but I had a few crashes.

Saturday night after qualifying they did a couple of cool races where the top 5 in the classes did a dash for cash running the track backwards, they were 5 lap races where anything goes, there were no marshals so if you got taken out or crashed you were done. In each of the races I did someone got into me and I was rolled over so I was done. After the dash for cash races, they did a King of the Hill race, there were 32 drivers entered and they did an elimination type race. 2 drivers went head to head for 2 laps and the winner moved on to the next round and so on, I was able to take the overall victory in the King of the Hill.

On Sunday they used single main format with 2 bump-ups so my Mains were run at the end of the day, I used Sunday to prep my cars for the Mains. In 2WD the Main started really cleanly, I had made a little gap and then coming down the hill from the step up I rolled over and Cory Leibehr passed me, we battled in the next lap and I was able to get by him when he made a mistake going over the triple and was able to take the lead back, and I held the lead back for the rest of the race to finish first.
In 4WD the start was very clean as well, I managed to create a gap and never lost the lead.

All my equipment worked flawlessly as usual, thank you to all my sponsors for all of their support.

Thanks to everyone at Leisure Hours Raceway for putting on a great race, thanks to my Dad, Mom and sister for all their help and support and I want to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, without him I would not be where I am today.

Ty Tessmann