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Cory Craig Tests and Reviews PRO-MT Pro- Spline HD Out Drives and Rear Hub Carriers

What’s up everyone? Any of you have a PRO-MT Truck? or the PRO-2 SC Buggy and PRO-2 SC Truck? what about a Traxxas Stampede? or Slash? If you are lookin’ for the gnarliest and beefiest drive shafts available, look no further. These bad boys are made of high grade steel, and are thick in all the right places 😉

The axles for both the PRO-MT and PRO-2 come in the package so no one feels left out.

PRO-MT Pro- Spline HD outdrives (6262-06)
PRO-MT rear hub carriers ( 6262-05)

Building the units was extremely easy and very straight forward. Just match the axles in the package to the ones on your vehicle, and the rest is down hill 😀 Make sure to use blue lock tight on the set screw that holds the pin. You dont want that to wiggle loose 😉

Installation was just as painless. I removed the hex from the axle, removed the camber link screw in the hub, removed pin from the old drive shaft connecting it to the diff, and removed the old shaft. Installation of the new one was just the reverse order 😀 Man these things are big!

Now, I was planning to test these behemoths at the Monster Jam held here in January. Some of the local racers here were asked to freestyle run our RC vehicles during the intermission at the Monster Jam. However, last minute insurance conflicts kept us from showing what kind of abuse, performance, and down right FUN you can have, with a PRO-2 or PRO-MT, to the crowd. I know it was a bummer.. but that doesn’t mean I still didn’t find a way to put them through their paces 😉