Factory Team

Dillon Caldwell at Fastlane Off-Road Jam on Pro-Line Electrons


Just finished up one of the most fun races that I’ve ever gone to!! Had a great Stadium Truck A-Main, I was in second the whole race until the last 45-seconds I caught 1st place and took the win on the last lap!!

Dillon ran Pro-Line Electrons on his Stadium Truck, 4WD Buggy and 2WD Buggydc2

4WD Buggy was a different story, I started 4th in the A-Main, the top 2 got together on the 2nd turn, I went around them and the marshal kicked my car… so I ended up dead last in the first couple of turns and slowly got my way back up to 4th in the last 40 seconds and finished just 2-seconds behind 3rd, but it was a fun race!

2WD Buggy I qualified with a 3-gear transmission and it didn’t have nearly enough traction. I started 4th in the D-Main with 4-gear transmission, got 2nd on the last lap after ending up last on the first lap from a pile up, and finished 5th in the C-main. Over all I had a blast and I can’t wait till next year!!

Thanks so much for all your support.

Dillon Caldwell