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Ron Perry Shares His Secret to Stock Foam Success Featuring Pro-Line 1.9″ Super Swampers


Featuring Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

Here’s How:

To reduce sidewall deflection use a stiffener inside the tire/foam. I’m using kydex (painted white for visual reasons). Measure out the wheel onto your material then measure out about 1/2 ” and mark for the outer cut.


Next mark an hobby blade the same 1/2″ to set cut depth in your foam.


Next cut out your stiffener and make a slice in the foam to the depth you marked on your blade.  IMG_3059 IMG_3060 IMG_3061

With that done slide the ring over your wheel.

IMG_3055 IMG_3054

I secure it in place with common battery tape. A few wraps around the rim on either side to keep the ring centered.

IMG_3056 IMG_3057 IMG_3058

Once the ring is secured put the cut foams back in the tires making sure they’re in straight and fully filling the tire. You’ll then work the wheel into the tire making sure to get the stiffener ring seated into the slot that was cut in the foam, this takes a ‘lil patience.

IMG_3062 IMG_3065

Once done install your bead-lock rings and enjoy. This lil trick will stiffen up the sidewall helping on side hills but retain the tread flex for forward bite

– Ron Perry