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RC Adventures: How to Glue Tires to Plastic Rims Featuring Pro-Line Sling Shots

Featuring: Pro-Line Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand/Snow Tires

Click to Subscribe! ► – Paddle Tires – an essential part of any RC Winter Arsenal – what a great day to get out in the SNOW for a Flurry of Speed! First I must get my Paddle Tires mounted up on the rims, and then get them up on to my Savage Flux HP. These tires are 3.8″ in diameter, and I bought them for approximately 45$ per pair. The rims were a bit cheaper. The Locktight glue I am using can be found via Google. In this film I try and show the techniques I would normally do, in hopes this may help the folks who write to me asking about how to glue tires. I try to minimize the mess, and ensure that my fingers aren’t stuck together.. haha! 

I ran into a few different snags during this video.. but I am a persistent hobbyist, and always ensure I make the most of my days.. :~)

I hope you are inspired to try the Radio Control hobby!

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