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TJ Pollack TQ’s and Wins Fall Brawl on Pro-Line Fugitives


Dad and I decided to make the 10 hour trip north to Myrtle Beach, SC to Badlands RC SuperCross Track for the annual Fall Brawl.  We arrived Thursday night to check out the track and set up, the layout looked awesome. We met fellow Teamates  Brian and Landen Lewis up there. Friday morning rolled around and the weather was a little cold but Sunny.  With over 430 entries needless to say the practice lines were 30-minutes or more at times. The MP9E and STRR E-Truggy felt really good after practice day.  Saturday morning rolled around and it was time for Qualifiers.  With 75 entries alone in Open E-Buggy and some Local fast guys I knew I was in for a battle. Rd1 was finally arrived and Buggy was up first. Run didn’t go to well finished 11th overall in Buggy and 3rd in Open E-Truggy for the round.

“The Mp9e on X4 Fugitives was on rails the entire race.”


5-hours later and it was time for RD 2.  I made some changes to the Buggy and switched from M4 Hole Shots to X4 Fugitives and the Buggy came alive. I set TQ for RD2 and knew I had the Buggy to beat at that point.  Truggy was again on TQ pace and a mistake trying to get thru lapped traffic proved costly.  I was very happy with both cars after rd2.

Time for RD3 this time night had fallen and the track had changed pretty drastically.  I seen other scrambling for softer tires but I stayed with what I had. Tone went off and the Buggy was hooked up on the X4 Fugitives I beat my earlier TQ run buy 15-secs and was the only Buggy to run a 12 lap pace.  Truggy just to many mistakes and ended up 3rd for the rd.

After all the dust had settled in Qualifying, I was Overall TQ in Open E-Buggy and would be starting 3rd in E-Truggy.

Main day

Well with 430 racers A-Mains would not be until it got dark so I had all day to go thru my cars and get them ready. Finally it was time and E-Buggy was up first. Tone sounded and just ran a steady mistake free race lead the entire race from tone 2 tone.

The Mp9e on X4 Fugitives was on rails the entire race.

Truggy was up next I knew the ST-RRE was good enough to take the win I just had to make it happen. 2-minutes in I took the lead and had a great battle with TQ holder Chris Bing.  I started to get a good lead and it happened lap traffic again did me in. Lost the lead with a minute to go but Finished 2nd.

Overall it was an Awesome event and dad and I will be back next year

Pro-Line Teammate Landen Lewis made the trip up there with us and he layed down some super fast times in the Pro Classes. He also had 2 Podiums. 4th in Pro Nitro Truggy and 5th in Pro E-Buggy.













Products used:

Tilar Pollack


x4 Fugitives

Proline Yellow Rims


M4 Holesshots

Proline yellow Truggy rims

Landen Lewis

M4 Diamond Backs

x4 Diamond Backs

White Proline Buggy and Truggy Rims.