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Jackson Jeffery at IL State Championship using Pro-Line Gear


This past weekend I went to Leisure Hours Raceway for the Illinois State Championship race. I raced 2WD and 4WD Mod Buggy, I learned a lot and was very happy with what I figured out, unfortunately I didn’t drive very well and finished 3rd in the 4WD buggy B-Main and 5th in the 2WD Buggy B-Main.

Sunday I went to Rac’em to club race and was having a very good run in 4WD until my speed control overheated (due to me putting a new motor in and not changing the gearing). My 2WD I had an early crash and put me nearly half a lap down but I was able to share back and get up to 4th.

Thanks Pro-Line for all you do I really appreciate it and it helps a ton.

Jackson Jeffery