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Cory Craig on Pro-Lines New Flo-Tek Fusion Body

After running several EVO SC’s for a year, I was eager to test out the new Pro-Line Fusion SC Body. So you can imagine my excitement to finally get to test this bad boy out. With the roof vents and other subtle improvements this Body is second to none.


Its weight is extremely low, its venting is extremely efficient, and on top of that the body has plenty of surfaces air can use to create down force. This body flies every bit as well as my EVO, but I must confess it does feel like it corners better then my EVO ever did. The Fusion does not have as aggressive front end as the EVO, and makes it fly much more consistently and predictably.

Pro-Line, you guys have again out done yourselves! If you have not tried the Fusion yet, you have no idea what your missing 😀

Cory Craig