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Kevin Thomas Podiums at Masters of Dirt Race on Pro-Line Electrons

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I made another trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the 2015 Red’s Master of Dirt race on November 6th-8th. Beach R/C has quickly developed a reputation for hosting premier R/C events on the east coast. Brent Densford and the Beach R/C crew designed a new layout for this race that had great flow and allowed the racers to put down some fast times. In addition to the great track and race program, Myrtle Beach offers racers and their family a great weekend experience. During the off-season room rates are super cheap, so my wife and I were able to catch a beautiful sunrise from our ocean balcony room before heading to the track. This was easily the highlight of her weekend and she has already started planning our next Beach R/C race. The race drew a total of 146 entries and several manufacturers were represented, racers that didn’t attend missed out on a great weekend of racing action.

2wd SCT –https://youtu.be/YFi_p_coHhU

4wd SCT – https://youtu.be/BeXeovdnWIk

I participated in the 2WD and 4WD Short Course Truck divisions at the Masters of Dirt and was able to race both trucks to podium finishes.

I made some minor adjustments to my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck in preparation for the high traction, indoor track. I reduced weight by running a shorty battery pack and I also shifted weight forward to improve the handling of the truck. The set-up adjustments along with a pair of

Pro-Line Electrons (M4) had my PRO-2 glued to the track.


After the first day of qualifiers, I found myself sitting in 3rd place entering Sunday’s double A-mains. The A-mains were packed with a lot of close, competitive racing which saw several position changes in the middle of the pack. In both A-mains, I crossed the finish line in 4th which was good enough for the 2wd SCT 4th place Masters of Dirt trophy. I was very happy with the results and a spot on the podium against some very good 2wd SCT racers.


In the 4wd SCT, I took 2nd overall in my Tekno SCT410.3. I felt I was very consistent throughout the weekend as I finished in second place behind MIP’s Matt Olson in each of the three qualifiers and in both of the double A-mains. I ran Pro-Line Electrons (MC) on my 4wd truck, which provided plenty of traction and handled the abrasive track with minimal signs of wear.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for their support and allowing me to represent their companies.

Sponsor products used at the 2015 Red’s Masters of Dirt Race –

Pro-Line PRO-2 SC
Pro-Line F-11 wheels, Pro-Line Electrons (M4), Pro-Line Flo-Tek Body, Boca Bearings (Green Seals), Xpert Servo SI-4431, Viper VTX 10R ‘BE’ ESC

Tekno SCT410.3
Pro-Line F-11 Wheels, Pro-Line Electrons (MC), Pro-Line EVO Body, Boca Bearings (Green Seals), Xpert Servo SI-4431

– Kevin Thomas