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Colton Kiefer in Kansas City on Pro-Line Electrons


Well a decent weekend of racing. I recently traveled to KC, Missouri to attend the 2015 Invitational Race. I did not get into the invite class due to showing up late on Friday, so I ran in the open class for 2WD and 4WD. Right from the get go, my 2WD was awesome. Aside from fighting to much steering it was on point with the rest of the field. I decided to change my 2 wheel fronts to 2.4″ Electrons to calm it down and that worked awesome. In 4WD I am still struggling to stay consistent. I ended up qualifying 5th in 2WD and 7th in 4WD. This race ran 8-minute single A-Mains. I finished 3rd in 2WD and broke in 4WD after I took the lead at the 3-minute mark.

I ran 2.4″ Electrons 2WD Front
2.2″ Electrons 2WD Rear
2.2″ Electrons all around on 4WD
Trifecta 6.5″ Wings on both cars.
Thanks for the Support

Colton Kiefer