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Pro-Line Sponsors the Feelin’ Frosty Fun Run!


I want to personally thank everyone that came out yesterday and made the 2015 Feelin ‘ Frosty Fun Run a success!

Cale Keeler, Mason Masters, Brian Johnson, Aj Link, Gary Bryant, Jacob Masters, & Cory Kinser Thank You for all of the help building the trail, it was a great one! These events would not be possible without the wonderful sponsors which included Pro-Line, Team KNK Hardware, Beef Tubes, Beef Jerky, Wertymade, Brazin Scale RC, RC Addict, Vanquish Products, RCDMV, Super Shafty, Scaler Fab, Krawler Konceptz, BKRC, WE-IS RC, CBE RC Fab, & Hamilton Hobbies. Thank you sponsors!


Thank you Craig Michalski for bringing out the best food truck in the world, Mountain Mans! To all of the 44 drivers that came out to participate, Thank You!

The results for the 1.9 class were Brian Johnson coming in 1st, followed by Doug Brock in a close 2nd. Doug actually was the first one to finish the course but Brian took the the time to omelet two bonuses which knocked 10-minutes off of his time. Gary Bryant pulled down the 3rd place finish for the 1.9″ class. The 2.2″ class was a close one.


Bobby Egbers came in 1st place with his rock bouncer, followed by Eric J. Kreitzer in 2nd and John Lowe Jr. bringing in 3rd. Not bad considering that that Eric and John were soldering on a rig at the start line when the green flag dropped!

Overall I think that the 2015 Feelin ‘ Frosty Fun Run was a success so what do all think about doing a 2016 Feelin ‘ Frosty Fun Run?

– Dan Davidson