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Pro-Line Transforms Axial’s Yeti into a Monster of a Rock Racer


No doubt that Axial’s Yeti Platform has made a significant impact on the Off-Road Rock Racing scene since it was introduced just over a year ago.  It is a versatile crawler / rock racer platform which can be modified to adapt in many different styles of terrain and driving. Pro-Line Racing recognize this and we some offer exciting products to upgrade this awesome platform into the rock racer of your dreams.

What you are about to see here in this article is a culmination of testing and modifications to our 1:10 scale Yeti test unit #1 from the initial release. This vehicle has logged some serious hours and we are glad to share with you this monster of a build.

Tires / Wheels: New Products

First,  we would like to introduce you to our new BFGoodrich line of officially licensed tires! These awesome looking KR2 Rock Terrain Tires are almost a year in development and testing. In our initial release, we will be offering them in both 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes.  Shown in this article are the new 10119-14 KR2 2.2” versions mounted to a set of our 2757-15 Denali 2.2” Black Bead-Loc Wheels. The Bead lock rings are custom painted and a Gear head GEA1122 2mm scale bolt kit are added for more scale realism.


Shocks / Suspension: New Products

We have another cool product we are releasing this month which are 6275-00 Power Stroke XT 5” long travel shock’s!  These are for the 1:10 scale Yeti, Monster Trucks and other long travel vehicles requiring extended length long travel shocks. With these unit’s, we have custom fabricated a dual shock set up from the 6275-00’s to show their versatility.  This Setup uses lighter weight oils and bigger piston valving for smoother suspension control at higher speeds. The front uses the 6063-00 Power Stroke front shock’s with yellow single spring’s from the 6063-04 Rear spring tuner kit.


Rear Axle Upgrade

Some of you may be wondering how we are running our 2.2 12mm hex wheels on this truck, the answer is simple and easy. In using the SSD 00052 (Black) Wide Diamond Rear axle SSD00054 Skid Plate, this Axle corrects the offset difference between front and rear allowing you to run the same offset wheels and 12mm Hex drives. It’s a great modification and eliminates the 6 bolt adapters which are prone to coming loose on the rear. SSD makes great unit’s, they are a clean design, easy to work on and very reliable.


 12MM Hex Drive Options

For mounting 12mm Hex wheels, you can use the stock hex drive and drill out the center holes of the wheels however we highly recommend our Pro-2 6098-00 Clamping Hex’s to keep the hole small land have a firm fit of the wheels to the hex. I also highly recommend using Axial AXA1090 4.8x14mm wheel washers in between the axle nut and wheel face for better support.



The transmission has been beefed up with a SSD 00041 2 speed conversion kit, Axial AX31156 Machined aluminum motor mount, Robinson Racing RRP 1556 Gen 3 Slipper, and RRP1527 X-Hard One piece output gear. A Tekin Pro4 4300kv 550 SC 4×4 motor and RX8 Gen2 Speed Controller supply the power to the rear axle. The axle is connected to the Transmission with a MIP 14390 X-Duty C-Drive, drive shaft kit


Body and Chassis:

A custom painted 3452-00 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Yeti Clear Body Painted by Steve over at RugSpin Graphics tops off the truck. If painting is not your thing, check them out, they do awesome work!  The stock 1:10 Yeti Body mounts were modified to use the Pro-Line Secure-Loc caps using a 6070-02.


Weathering and dry brushing techniques were then added to give it the interior tray a race course hardened look. Oil based Artists paint mixed with mineral spirits were used for the staining process while Artists Chalk was used for the rust treatment and other dulling processes.  Some of these treatments were applied to the body’s exterior as well.


The Yeti’s hardware was upgraded to Stainless using Team KNK’s KNKYET001 Axial Yeti Stainless Hardware Kit. The hardware is super nice / clean with deep hex pockets to avoid any possible hex hole stripping or rounding out.

Exterior Body, Accessories:

A working recovery winch was installed on the Yeti using Gear Head GEA1083 Winch Mounting kit,  3 Racing 3RACR01-27 Automatic Crawler Winch / Winch controller and a Gear Head GEA1154 Factor 55 Winch Shackle Mount were used to accomplish this clean looking installation.


To dress the exterior up even further, don’t forget to take a look at our Scale Accessories Performance Parts Line. We have countless scale parts to upgrade the exterior of any rock racer or scale crawler so check them out!


Our Monster Yeti is a culmination of over a year’s evolution of testing. Now with the introduction of our new BFGoodrich KR2 Rock Terrain Tires and Power Stroke XT shocks, you can take your Yeti to the next level of performance.


All our Yeti upgrades shown in the photo’s  are not specifically mentioned in this article however, you can find a list of upgrade parts at the very bottom of this article. We hope you use as a starting point to source the parts and work towards your own Epic Monster Yeti build!


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the article!

Parts List:


AXA1090 4.8X14mm Black wheel washers

AX30395 38T/13T HD Bevel Gear Set (2x)

AX31156 Machined Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount

AX31245 Lower Link Plate Set

Gear Head

GEA1083 Yeti Winch and Roller Fairlead Mounting Kit

GEA1154 Scale Factor 55 ProLink Winch Shackle Mount – Silver


RCD HS-5645MG High-Torque 2BB Metal Gear Servo (2 Speed Trans Shift Servo)


GM70132 Gmade 1.9 RH03 wheel hubs (Silver) (4)


14390 X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit

Pro-Line Racing

2757-15 Denali 2.2″ Black 8 Spoke Bead Lock Wheels

3452-00 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Clear Body

6063-00 Power Stroke Front SC Shocks

6063-04 Power Stroke Spring Assortment – Rear

6070-02 Body Mount Secure-Loc Caps Kit

6098-00 PRO-2 12mm Clamping Hex’s

6275-00 Power stroke XT 5’ Shocks

10119-14 BFGoodrich KR2 2.2 G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

Robinson Racing

RRP1515 X-Hard Steel Idler Gear

RRP1527 X-Hard Steel Differential Output gear

RRP1556 Gen3 Heavy Duty Slipper Unit


SSD00041 Yeti 2 Speed Transmission conversion kit

SSD00052 Wide Diamond Centered Rear Axle for Yeti (Black)

SSD00054 Skid Plate – SSD Diamond Axle
ST Racing Concepts

STA31112BK CNC Machined Aluminum Front Skid Plate

STA31122S CNC Machined Aluminum Steering Bellcrank

STA31170S CNC Machined Aluminum HD Front Shock Tower

STA80106S Aluminum Front Caster Block Set


SW1211SG Waterproof Coreless Steel Gear Servo (Steering)

Team KNK

KNKYET001 Axial Yeti Stainless Hardware Kit

RX8 GEN2 Electronic Speed Controller

Pro4 HD 4300kv 550 4X4 SC Motor

VPS05990 Locker for Axial Wraith & Yeti AX-10 type axles

VPS07201 Yeti Titanium Rear Upper Suspension Link Kit

VPS07690  Currie Antirock Yeti Sway Bar Black Anodized


CR01-27 Automatic Crawler Winch (1/10 Size)