Factory Team

Jacob Schneider at Carolina RC Complex using Pro-Line Micron Tires


I raced at Carolina RC Complex this past Saturday and was finally able to use the M4 Micron Tires.

The track was blue groove and just a little dusty during the day and the Microns were doing ok. When night time came and the dust went away these tires were HOOKED up.


With the Open Cell Inserts in them I was popping Wheelies where others were spinning Tires. I had electronic problems that cursed me all day in the Buggy but was still able to finish 3rd the A-Main #1 but dropped out in A #2. Everyone there knew I had top 3 speed against some great competition (Rob Meyer, Mark Moon, Mike Hill, etc).

I was telling people all day what tires I was running and at the end of the night a few came by asking, “What tires are those again?” Hopefully I got a few people to try them out as well.

Also, I swept both Mains in 2WD SCT using M4 Electrons in the rear, M3 Hole Shots in the Front, and the last race for my EVO Body. My Fusion Body will be mounted on for the first time this weekend.

Thank you for the great Pro-Line products,

Jacob Schneider
Pro-Line Street Team