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Clay Wahlstedt Attends 2015 Horizon Hobby Off-Road Chams at Trackside on Pro-Line Electrons

The Horizon Hobby Off-Road Championship has come to a close. It was a great week of practice, qualifyers, racing and just hanging out with the Trackside crew. Qualified 12th in Stock Short course placing me in the B-main. I sat 4th on the grid next to Matt Brandenburg. For the first 4-mins the top two and myself broke off from the pack and were bumper to bumper, not giving an inch. We ran supper clean, only having a few small errors. In the end it came down to me and Brandenburg battling for the last bump spot. He ended up just beating me for the bump to the A-main putting me in 11th overall, an improvement over last years 15th place. Going into this race I was hoping to improve on last years performance, but also I knew I had a good chance at the A-main.

My Team Associated SC5m was hooked up all weekend on @prolineracing Electrons.
Special thanks my family, Pro-Line, Vectorworks, Adam Gratz for an emergency speed control, Larry III Wright for the entertainment for the weekend, and the Trackside crew for a great putting on a great event.

Clay Wahlstedt Horizon Hobby Off-road Championship
My SC5m looking good with the Pro-Line SC5m Body, F-11 rims and Electrons.


The Pro-Line Electrons glued to the Trackside dirt!
Thank you to Pro-Line Racing for the continued support!

Pro-Line products used:

SC5m Body

Electron SC (clay) tires

F-11 rims