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Mason Eppley Wins at Boys & Girls Charity Race on Pro-Line Electrons


I got to the track early Friday afternoon to get a little bit more practice in before racing on Saturday, the track layout was the same as the week before but I was still definitely off pace as far as lap times go. As the day went on, I felt much more comfortable with the track and also with my cars after a few small changes. For the event I decided to run my Mod 4WD Buggy and my stock 2WD Buggy.

Pro-Line Equipment Used:
Pro-Line Trifecta Wing
Pro-Line Type-R Body
Pro-Line 2.2″ MC Electrons


After a small practice session in the morning, qualifying would soon start. In pro stock buggy I would have a pretty rough run, I would make too many mistakes ending up in the 7th spot for the round. While in 4WD Buggy, I would have a great start. Around halfway through the race I would be in the top spot, unfortunately soon after I would make a bad mistake traction rolling at the end of the straight away. I would ultimately take the 3rd spot for the round.
After a short 10-minute break, round 2 of quals would soon be up. Unfortunately right before my 2WD Buggy run I would notice a large crack in my rear arm, I only completed 2 laps or so before it would snap for good resulting in a DNF. On the other hand 4WD Buggy would go very different. I was able to pull out a almost perfect run taking the TQ for the round and forcing it to qual 3 to determine the overall TQ heading into the Main!
After fixing my 2WD Buggy and prepping my 4WD, I felt confident heading into the 3rd and final round of qualifying. I would have a great run in 2WD Buggy, I would take the 3rd spot for the round but unfortunately due to bad round 1 & 2 quals I would end up starting 5th on the grid in the main. While in 4WD it would come right down to the wire once again. I would be in 2nd for most of the race, towards the end both me and 1st would start making mistakes, we were swapping positions back and forth. Unfortunately, I would make 1 to many mistakes as I would lose the TQ by just under 1-second, I would start 2nd on the grid in the Main event.

I was pretty excited for the mains to start, I knew I had a good chance to finish solid in both of my classes. My 2WD Buggy Main would be first up for me, I would have a pretty good start as I would immediately jump into the 3rd spot. I would hold onto the that spot for 3/4 of the race, I would drop back to the 5th spot after traction rolling at the end of the straight. 4th place and I would battle for the remainder of the race, on the last corner he would go slightly wide and I was able to capitalize on it. At the end I came up with a solid 4th place finish in a class I barely ever run so I was pretty happy with my results. The race I was waiting for all day was now up, the 4wd buggy main! I knew I had a good shot to take it, I just had to be consistent. On the first corner 1st place would touch the pipe and roll it over, I would capitalize on it and take over the 1 spot.

After that I was able to drive a perfect race leading wire to wire and would take the overall win!

Screenshot_2015-10-19-12-39-48-1 Screenshot_2015-10-19-12-40-03-1

Overall I had alot of fun at this race for a great cause! We were all able to raise around $3500 to give to the Boys & Girls foundation!!! I want to say a huge thanks to my sponsors for all the help and continued support, Tekno RC, Pro-Line, Tekin, Airtronics, DE Racing, Schelle, Epic1 Designs, 92zero Designs, Reds Airbrush Designs, and All Around RC.

Mason Eppley