Factory Team

November Hole Shot Newsletter

On The Cover:

Get This Stout Look with the Desert Eagle Body shown with Road Rage 2.8″ Tires PreMounted on F-11 Wheels.


Transform your Short Course Truck into a fire-breathing, road-crushing 1970’s muscle car with the all-new Pro-Line Desert Eagle Body
The Future belongs to RC!
Stagger your setup for added beastliness.
To get the jacked-up look use 2.2″/3.0″ SC Wheels on the front and 2.8″ Wheels on the rear. Guidelines included.
SC Tire options include: TSL SX Super Swamper SC, Badlands SC, Gladiator SC, Trencher X SC, and more.
2.8″ Tire options include: TSL SX Super Swamper 2.8″, Masher 2.8″, Trencher 2.8″, Badlands 2.8″, and more.

Back Cover:

New Releases include the Desert Eagle Clear Body, Micron 2.2″ 2WD and 4WD Front Tires, Predator Clear Body for AE RC8B3 1:8 Buggy, Pro-Spline HD Axles for E-REVO® and SUMMIT® and New from PROTOform is the 1:8 Aero Kit w/ Spoiler and Stiffiners.


Special Edition:

All About the Pro-Line PRO-MT 1:10 2WD Monster Truck