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Devin Chesney TQ’s and Wins at Willow Farm Fall Fest on Pro-Line Hole Shots

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Willow Farm RC

First off:
Over the past few months I have slowed my racing down due to some special events in my life like my graduation at college and studying for the finals to do so. also getting my first job related to my college major. first I want to thank my sponsors. Huge thanks to Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Carpys, PT Racing Oils, and RCSCREWZ for the continued support even through the times where racing is slow.

Overall, both of the Tekno cars on Pro-Line Hole Shots where very solid as I took the TQ early in the first round with both vehicles. the other two rounds consisted of everyone including me to go out and try to reset my 15 lap pace. after all 3 rounds of quals no one was able to reset them and heading into the mains I was going to be starting in the TQ spot.

Main day:
First up was going to be the 4×4 SCT Main. I always end up saying it when I race against Jeremy McGuigan but this race from start to finish was so blood pumping its not even funny. from start to finish both of us were going back and forth as we would each catch the pipe here and there . as the race went on longer like this we became ahead of 3rd place by almost a whole lap and lap traffic became a part and I worked threw it the best and pulled away from Jeremy and took the win.

Top 3:
1. Devin Chesney
2. Jeremy McGuigan
3. Anthony Lonzo

Next was going to be 1:8 E-Buggy. and this weekend the Tekno EB48.2 on Pro-Line M3 Hole Shots was on point. once the race started there was a pile up in the first turn behind me and the race was called back for a restart. for the second try was even better for me as my car hit a sweet spot on the front stretch and I almost pulled the front end up and I shot into the first turn instantly pulling away. as the time was ticking down and we were flying around the track putting laps in I found myself ahead and gaining from second place lap after lap . I led from start to finish to take the win.

Top 3:
1. Devin Chesney
2. Denton Boyer
3. Jeremy McGuigan

Special events:

Saturday night there was going to be a long jump contest . I decided to enter my Truggy being that it was not getting raced this weekend on the small track. I ended up flying it 63 feet long and taking first place. after wards I let some other people drive it around and all people were saying about my ET48 was about how tough it was . every video I watched of my truck I heard someone saying something about “that’s one tough truck” which put a smile on my face every time I heard it.
Something else:

Saturday during the end of the day there was a camper fire up on the hill at the campground we were at. I was to say hats off to all there were there to help until the fire company arrived. Also best wishes to the family that owned the camper.

thanks again to all my sponsors,
Tekno RC
Pro-Line Racing
PT Racing Oils