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RECON G6: The Fix 12-Hour Endurance Race and Straight Outta Luck G6


This past weekend (Nov 6-8, 2015) held the RECON G6 event at Logandale Trails in Overton, NV.


Pro-Line attended and camped at G-Central. We were met by many awesome people. Thank you all that attended and that stopped by the Pro-Line Tent to say hi. Can’t wait for the Birthday Bash in December!



The Fix 2015 was first to the stage. This 12 hour event held over three separate courses (G6, Fix 1 and Fix 2). Drivers that completed the entire event and also finished at least 5-laps within the first 8 hours would be able to have their Scale Parts that Lasted, R.E.C.O.N. G6 Certified. Jake Wright won the Individual class with 22-Laps completed and The Pro-Line Team won the Team class with an awesome 16-Laps completed.



The Straight Outta Luck G6 Day stage was up next and this Awesome 100+ gate held amazingly beautiful and undeniably challenging lines that held 80+ entries to their A game for several hours. Participants found Pro-Line Scale accessories strewn about on the course which were later able to be turned in for a prize at the Pro-Line Tent. Two Photo Challenge areas presented themselves with awesome backdrops, participants that post their pictures to social media with the Hashtag #ProLineRG6 will be entered into a drawing for a special Prize from Pro-Line. Drivers finished their long day of awesome scale adventures across the Pro-Line Podium Finish Line.


The Night Stage of the G6 was held on the Fix Course 2, so we got to taste a little bit of what the Fixers were up against. Driving at night makes things so Scale!

IMG_0537 IMG_0514 IMG_0510
IMG_0501 DSC_0201 DSC_0194
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What an awesome experience for all of those who attended the event. If you weren’t there, You need to be at the next one!


Pro-Line is Proud to be the Official Scale Accessory of RECON G6