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Tanner Stees at 2015 SiK Cross At Pro-Line Test Track on Suppressors


Last weekend I attended the first annual SikCross race at the Pro-Line Test Track.

At the Start of the weekend I really wasn’t looking forward to the gate start much like super cross but have to say that it actually worked out a lot better than I expected and at some points better than a normal start in my The layout for the track was actually really fun but took a couple runs for myself to get settled in and feel confident on it.

Tanner ran M3 Suppressors in Buggy and X3 Suppressors in Truggy

As qualifying started if you were able to make the top 5 in the first round of your class then you would not have to run again until the Main.  Then if you didn’t make top 5 in the first round you ran the second round which was essentially the same thing if you made top 5 you made the Main.

Truggy was first up and I didn’t have the best run made a few mistakes and got an 8th for the rounds so would have to run the second round.  Buggy on the other hand was really good I had a good run with virtually mistake free until a little bobble at the end of the run but got a 4th for the round so would be done with qualifying for buggy.  The second round of truck went really well I got a good start and was able to get to first really quick and get a huge lead and take the win and get a first for round two.  This basically meant that I would have 6th gate pick for the start in truck and 4th in Buggy.


When Mains came around I was feeling pretty good as both my cars felt good in the warm up so I was excited for the start of the mains. Truggy was the first Main I went out on X3 Suppressors thinking that the track would dry out since it was a 45-minute Main and they would be great to get through the fluff at the beginning when the track was wet as well.  At the start I got the bad end of the stick and was put to basically last place but was able to make my way up to around 7th due to my truck being really good and feeling great but had a problem with my truck that put me out of my race.  As for Buggy I chose M3 Suppressors since the track stayed wet for most of the time during the truck race and I thought they were really good on my truck and during the A-main practice.  As for the start of my buggy main it was great I was able to make it through clean and come out in third place and stayed there for a while before I caught a route and went back to 4th.  As I was trying to catch back up I over jumped a few jumps and got quite a bit of dirt stuck under my A-arms which caused my car to lose a lot droop and become very hard to drive in the rough track.  Overall I was able to finish 7th in buggy which  I think I could of done better since my car, tires and engines all felt really good it was just really hard to drive on such a rough track and had a few too many mistakes.


I would like to take a second to say thanks to HB/HPI Racing, Pro-Line and O.S. Engines. All my cars, Tires and engines ran/worked really great all weekend.

Tanner Stees