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Coral Springs RC Track South Florida Off Road Championship Series II


South Florida Off Road Championship Series II, Race 1 – September 27, 2015
South Florida Off Road Championship Series II, Race 1 Results 09/27/15
Expanded SFORCSII Race 1 Results 09/27/15 (Full Day Includes Qualifier
South Florida Off Road Championship II Points Tabulation Race 1

For videos for A-Main racing action, go to the Official Coral Springs RC Track YouTube Channel.
Race 1 of the South Florida Off Road Championship Series II started off with concerns regarding the weather. All 114 entries crossed their fingers hoping the clouds and rain would stay away. All racers received a FREE series t-shirt plus a raffle ticket with the potential to win one of many prizes totaling $400. The day’s lucky winners were Jose Mato, Jeff (Mr. Big Boss Beef) Kranz, Richard Johnston and Tim Kaufman who each received a Pro-Line $50 gift certificate. Denis O’Connell won a $50 gift card from TriCounty Hobbies. A $50 Boca Bearing certificate went to Mike Brown and Jay Natoli won $100 CASH. Race 2 will feature select prizes from various sponsors: TriCounty Hobbies, Pro-Line Racing, Boca Bearing, JConcepts, Gens Ace, Vemon RC and Big Boss Beef.

Round one started 15 minutes after 10 AM with the 2WD Stock Buggy class. Chris Intravia had the fastest lap of a 30.227, but fresh out of retirement Mike Applegate’s consistent laps earned him the top spot after round one. Next up was the 2WD Modified Buggy with Corey Record’s day starting on a high taking round one by 6.037. Modified Stadium Truck continued Corey’s streak with win number two. Our new and exciting 13.5 4WD Buggy got off to a great start with Sebastian Vasan winning the first round. The 4WD Modified Buggy had the top three finishing less than six seconds apart. Jader Lopez won with the fastest lap of 27.041 on the slick morning track. The Pro 4 Modified SCT class renewed the battle between Paz and Kranz with Paz taking round one. The E Buggy class concluded the first round with Jader Lopez capturing the win.
Round two was off and it was time to start scoring some TQ points. In 2WD Stock Buggy Corey Record scored the TQ with the only 11 lap finish. He continued his streak beating out Janos “Lazi” Lazar by 1.359 to earn his second TQ point. Richard Hazbun put an end Corey’s streak earning the TQ in Mod. Stadium Track by 6.494. Daniel Chavez was the first to earn a point in 13.5 4WD Buggy. The fast track paid off for Chris Intravia as he earned the 4WD Mod Buggy point. Jeff Kranz took round two but Daniel Paz’s round one time outscored him for the TQ. Chris Intravia ran the only 12 lap qualifier winning the point in E Buggy.
The lower mains started with $100 winner Jay Natoli and Shaun Quiros bumping up to the Pro 4 Mod B-Main in that order. The E buggy bump from C to B-Main went to Glenn Carlson and Jay Natoli. The B-Main started with 2WD Stock as Alex O’Rourke and Jared Cooper made the cut. Mike Taveras and Laz Vega got the bump to the A in Mod buggy. While Glenn Carlson and Jerry DeYoung stayed alive to race in the A-Main. The Pro 4Mod class was a battle but when the dust settled it was Laz Vega and Joe Barbera inching out Massimo Fabiani by 1.340. Gavin “The Hammer’ Butera and Glenn Carlson got the final two spots in the A-Main as the E buggy class ended the Semi- Mains.
The featured mains started with Corey Record beating out Tom Allen and Chris Intravia to get the 101 in Stock Buggy. Corey Record continued dominating the 2WD Buggy class by getting another 101 in Mod. as Jerry DeYoung came from 10th to capture the number two spot and Lazi ended the day in third. Corey Record split the 100 with Richard Hazbun in Mod Truck as Sebastian “Sea Bass” Hazbun earned third. Daniel Chavez kept his winning streak alive with the 101 as David Iller finished in second by .380 followed by Jeff Kranz. 4WD Mod ended with Jader Lopez, Janos “Lazi” Lazar and Corey Record finishing in that order. Paz vs. Kranz 2.0 was once again an exciting battle with the two spitting 100’s. Paz built up a 10 second lead on lap four to see it evaporate to a 2.5 gap at the start of the final lap. After an eight second flip flop, Kranz took the Pro 4 Mod race by 5.514 seconds. The ten minute E Buggy finale was an awesome display of great racing with Jader Lopez fast lap of a 25.169 earning him the win, Loren Kretzschmar coming from eighth to take second and Gavin Butera who began the race in ninth finishing third.
Thanks to our sponsors TriCounty Hobbies, Pro-Line Racing, Boca Bearing, JConcepts, Gens Ace, Venom and Big Boss Beef for making this South Florida Off Road Championship II a reality. A special thanks to the track crew: Pak, Jared, Fred, Loren, Daniel Paz for helping with additional filming. Daniel Chavaz and Lazi for helping to get a flooded track into the great shape it was in for Sunday. Additional thanks to all participants, volunteer marshals and those who help maintain the track.