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Shane Williams at Rocket City Challenge on pro-Line Hole Shots


This weekend I attended RC3s annual rocket city challenge. The track was exactly that…a challenge. During qualifying I struggled to get a decent run. In Q1 I had the wrong setup and the right Tires. For Q2 I made some setup changes but the tire I choose to test didn’t work as well as I had hoped. I qualified with a mediocre 7th in the A-Main.

For the Main I threw on my trusty Pro-Line M3 Hole Shots.


As the night crept upon us and the lights came on the track stayed moist and the traction shot through roof. I was ready. At the start a mishap led me to being dropped dead last after the tone had sounded with the whole pack 2 to 3 turns ahead of me. At this point beast mode had to be activated. I quickly shot up to 4th not to far behind 3rd and 2nd. As the chaos ensued my Rex powered Serpent 811 2.2 with Nitropro fuel and savox servos found its way to second with cars breaking and flaming out everywhere. The leader had checked out in my quest to the front so for the last half of the main I settled way down to secure my podium finish.

Thanks to the RC3 crew for the work and effort put in.

Thanks to my sponsors: #Serpent, Desoto Racing, Pro-Line Racing, #Nitropro, #RcAddictionproducts, Savox Servos, Boca Bearings, RexUSA

Thanks to my Pitman Matthew Gordon.

– Shane Williams