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Dillon Caldwell at 1:8 ROAR Region 8 on Pro-Line Bow-Tie 2.0s


Dillon_ROAR Reg 8

I ran the BowTies 2.0 in Nitro Buggy and Diamond Backs in E-Buggy, these both worked great for me!
Thanks to Pro-Line and O’Donnell Fuel for a great race!

Practice went great! My cars felt amazing and I was ready for qualifying. In seeding practice I ended up 9th in Nitro buggy and 6th in E-Buggy.
1st Qual:
Nitro: I was stuck behind someone for the whole race and so I had a bad run.
E-Buggy: Went ok and ended up 6th for the round.

2nd Qual:
Nitro: Went well and ended up 6th for the round.
E-Buggy: 3rd 🙂

3rd Qual:
Nitro: Went well and I ended up 7th
E-Buggy: I got a 5th

4th Qual
Nitro: I got taken out right before a jump and broke a shock eyelet
E-Buggy: electronics went bad and I drove a friends Serpent car. I know I didn’t do very well that round because I was not used to having just enough speed to clear the jumps so I was driving pretty badly.

B-Main Nitro: I qualified 1st in the B-Main and went tone to tone in the first spot, and won by a half a lap!!! I bumped into the A-Main. The throttle servo broke and my weekend was over for nitro, I finished 12 overall : (
E-Buggy A-Main: the ESC or motor sensor board got damaged somehow and I only had half speed and I could make almost all of the jumps but I also had no power. I qualified 6th but started last because I didn’t want to mess up other people’s race because I was so slow. So I had 2 bobbles and ended up 9th at the end of the 10-minute race.

I am very happy with that because I thought I had no chance!! I am proud because I ended up beating 2 of my closest competitors at my local track!!

Dillon Caldwell