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Pro-Line Flo-Tek Fusion SC Body Action!

What do you get when you fuse together the best features from the most successful Short Course Body of all-time (Flo-Tek) and the most aerodynamically advanced race body ever conceived (EVO)? You get the new Flo-Tek Fusion Body! 

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Clear Body
for PRO-2 SC, Slash, Slash 4X4, SC5M, 22SCT, Ten-SCTE and Blitz
Product ID : 3458-17

The Fusion features large vent holes in the front, middle and rear for maximum protection against parachuting. The most important holes have been cut out for you! The Flo-Tek Fusion retains the aggressive fender flares and front grill from the original Flo-Tek that everyone loves. The rear end was inspired by the EVO with large openings and ideal body mounting positions for the wide variety of SC trucks on the market. 

All-new features to the Fusion include roof vents to make it the best jumping body available and kick-ups on the roof and rear fenders to keep you glued to the surface making your SC truck easier to drive. Initial feedback from the Pro-Line Race Team drivers who have tested the Fusion say that it’s the best body they have ever used! Jump into the future with Pro-Line’s new Flo-Tek Fusion Short Course body!

• The Next Level of Protection Against Parachuting!
• Pre-Cut to get you to the track faster than ever
• Fusion of features from Flo-Tek and EVO 
• Get Better Control of your SC Truck 
• Quicker Lap Times
• Made From Durable Genuine Lexan®
• Paint-then-peel Overspray Film Included
• Made in the USA, since 1982 – Read about Pro-Line Racing’s History