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Brian Cooke at 2015 Bring The Heat on Pro-Line Fugitives


This past weekend we traveled to Flowood MS. for the annual Bring The Heat race . This is one of the nicest indoor facilities in the southeast region . Bubba Barnham and his crew never disappoint ,and this year was no different . The Track was amazing for practice on Friday and then qualifiers on Saturday….

On Saturday I went with the tried and true Pro-Line Hole Shots using the X4 Compound and then in the 2nd qualifier I moved to the M3 compound …It was obvious that the track was getting very abrasive…. In the 3rd qualifier I moved to the X4 Fugitive which is my go to tire when indoors on an abrasive surface …This would prove to be a great move as it set me up in the 3rd qualifying spot for the A-Main in open Nitro Buggy …Also it allowed me to determine my Tire for the A-Main


Sunday came and I was on the fence as the track had blown out in several key spots …The front straight away and the massive bowl turn were just almost impossible to navigate. I decided on Pro-Line Fugitive X3 Compound for the 35-minute A-Main , and boy was I glad I did ….They were perfect for the rutted out spots in the track ,and did very good on the other grooved up parts of the track …..As always the X compound tires gives the extra tread life for these certain situations ….After a long 35-minutes I was able to take the 3rd place finish along with my buddy and fellow Pro-Line driver Shane Williams who grabbed the 5th spot on the podium running Pro-Line Blockades X3 compound……Also to mention non-sponsored driver Kale Kelley  got the TQ and the win running Pro-Line Blockades X3 ….He was in beast mode all weekend long …So that makes 3 of 5 podium spots goes to

Pro-Line Racing proving once again there is none better…Thanks again to all the Pro-Line crew for all you do …Without you we would just be spinning our wheels 🙂


Later, Cookie