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Andrew Horniman at The Dirt 2015 on Pro-Line Suppressors


The Dirt 2015 has come to a close.
I just want to say job well done to George Wever, William Kelemen , Allex Kowalsky and Jeremy Kowalsky for a job well done for getting this 6 race series started and completed. No matter what happened with the weather situation, they where on top of it.

I ended with a 2nd in Pro 4, the Tekno SCT.3 handled amazing with the 3 different types of dirt. With having PT RC racing oils just added the extra handling benefits of the SCT.3. The MT4s never let me down with having control of any of the Tekno cars.

Always had consistent traction with the Pro-Line Blockades X3

With the E-Truggy and Nitro Truggy, the handling still amazes me with each track as well with using PT RC racing oils.

The Tires I was using were either Pro-Line Hole Shots X3 or Suppressors X4. Both gave an amazing amount of traction.

The ET.3 handles amazing, especially in the air.

I would like to give a big Thank you to my sponsors. If it wasn’t for you giving me a chance, I would not be where i am at now.

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Andrew Horniman