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Zeke Ballinger Podiums at 2015 Tumbleweed Classic on Pro-Line Electrons


This past weekend I attended the 2015 TUMBLEWEED CLASSIC at ARCOR RACEWAY in NM. The facility is ran by a local club in a city park, and is always one of the most fun races I attend throughout the year.

The track is a sugared surface similar to the old outdoor Cactus Classic at SRS. It was clear from the first pack that the Tires of Choice at the event were going to be Pro-Line Electrons in X2 Compound.


Qualifying was fairly uneventful, didn’t have as many clean runs as I would of liked but managed to qualify 4th in MOD 2WD BUGGY and 4th in MOD TRUCK.

2   3

BUGGY MAINS — 2WD MOD Buggy ran a triple A-Main format, I couldn’t seem to get through the first few corners without getting tied up in traffic and had horrible first laps in all three mains,

My B5M with Pro-Line Bulldog body, X2 2.2″ Electron Rear Tires, X2 Scrub Front Tires, and V2 Closed Cell Foams was hooked up,

I managed to drive back to the front in A1 and A2 and scored a 3rd and 4th respectively.  I knew that I was tied with Associated teamate Richard Lake, I ended up loosing the tiebreaker and finishing 4th overall.


TRUCK MAINS — 2WD MOD Truck also ran Tripple A-Mains, A1 I just flat out had to many crashes on the very technical layout, in A2 and A3 I had pretty good starts and managed to drive my T5M with Pro-Line Bulldog Body, X2 Suburb Rear Tires, X2 Electron Front Tires to 2 2nd place finishes and managed 2ND overall behind BT!


Zeke Ballinger