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Kevin Thomas Wins at 2015 The Warehouse Summer Points Series on Pro-Line Primes

2015 Summer Point Series

I took home a pair of 1st place trophies from the 2015 Warehouse R/C Complex Summer Point Series. Even though the Warehouse is about an hour away, I consider it my Home Track and log a lot of laps at this facility. It was nice to be able to break through for a couple 1st place finishes.

In the 4WD SCT division, I captured 7 wins during the 10 week series and ended up with a 40 point cushion over second place. I used the same pair of Pro-Line Prime Tires for the entire series though I opted for Pro-Line Electrons on the few occasions the track became dusty. Boca Bearing Green Seals continued to be my bearing of choice and allowed me to put down some fast laps.

In the 2WD Sportsman Buggy division, I tried my hand with the 1:10 Buggy. I wanted to improve my lines and learn more about vehicle set-up so it was a great way to gain some experience. I felt I learned a lot over the course of the series and I will be able to apply the set up tips to all my vehicles moving forward. My TLR 22 2.0 Buggy was powered by Viper Electronics (now Maclan). I used Pro-Line Ion Tires up front and Pro-Line Electron Tires on the rear of my Buggy, which worked really well as I had consistent traction throughout the series. Future plans for my 2WD Buggy include a custom painted Pro-Line Phantom Body and a move up to the Pro division.

I am already looking forward to the next point series and striving to become a better driver.

Sponsor Products used during the series –
Pro-Line RacingTires (Primes and Electrons), Bodies (EVO), Wheels (F-11, Velocity)
Boca Bearings – Green Seal Bearings
Viper – ESCs ( VTX10R) and Motors (VST 8.5 ‘BE’)
Xpert Servos – SI-4431 and SI-4531