Factory Team

Throwback Thursday – Pro-Line Ridez, Packin’ Heat on 8-Balls


Pro-Line’s New RIDEZ Series Bodies and 24 Series Wheels, Tires and Spinners for 1:10 Touring Cars. Slam it to the ground, throw some 8-Balls on it, pack some heat, and spin it to win it – Pro-Line is your low rider headquarters for the latest in bling, bling accessories. Introducing RIDEZ Series bodies for 190mm touring cars and 24 Series 8-Ball chrome wheels, 24 Series Spinners, and 24 Series Packin’ Heat flame treaded tire for your ride. What’s this series of product all about? It’s all about bringing the latest craziness of automobiles to you 1:10 190mm touring car.”

Circa 2004