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Dallas Pruett at OEOSS RD6 on Pro-Line Blockades


I ran E-Buggy, and Nitro Buggy, However we had some mishaps and I was unable to fully run it. Thanks to Chad for the loaner Buggy!

I left work Friday afternoon and got to the track around 6PM, It started down pouring on my way to the track, and I thought it was going to follow me. While driving it rained so bad that I had to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn’t see. When I arrived at the Track it had just started sprinkling so I would get my Shocks built, and my Pit area ready!

Practice went great on Friday night, I didn’t change much from my setups, just figured what tires and compounds I needed to run.
I started the night on M3 Blockades, then M3 Suppressors, swapped over to M4 Hole Shot 2.0s later in the night. During practice I was also able to test out the Pro-Line Racing Trifecta Lexan Wing for 1:8 Buggies/Truggies. I really like this wing over a molded wing.
We were all having fun and a lot of people didn’t get to bed ’til late, and I was awoken bright and early at 8 am ( thanks Bostick…) after going to bed around 2AM.


Starting Qualifying I figured I wanted to stay on a “safe” feeling Tire, so I stuck to M3 Blockades.
Q1 : The start to this qual was perfect, I started mid pack and my first 3 laps put me on a 12 lap pace, of which would have qualified me into the A. However as soon as I heard my named being called a few times, I started to loose it and couldnt save it after a bad wreck.
Q2 : Qual started off good, Felt great throughout the qualifier, however about 2 minutes in my ESC Decided it was time to shut up.
Q3 : I Wasnt able to get a clean run in. Every corner it seemed as if I ran into some traffic that didnt want to work with me.
After some bad qualifying, I was hoping to see if I could bump.
Starting 6th In The C… we should see.
C-Main : Starting 6th on the grid, I would instantly jump up to 2nd place, and hold position for a minute, however we came upon lap traffic and was not able to fight it off as well as I wanted, a few bad crashes following had dropped me back to last with no hope of returning for a bump.

I wish I could have done better, but I had fun and enjoyed both days of Racing!

I’d like to thank everyone who put on the Ohio Extreme Offroad Summer Series OEOSS! Although I was only able to attend 2 rounds, I will mark my calendar down for next year!
Id also like to thank Curt Schlichter For being so helpful, and answering some of my stupid questions.
And as always, Id like to Thank all my Sponsors for their support, Im able to Enjoy racing so much more thanks to their help!
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As for the Pictures, Figured I’d jump in on the Front Wing thing…

– Dallas Pruett