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Cory Craig’s How To: Pro-LineType-R Body Mod to Fit MP9E

Recently Pro-Line released the Type-R for the Kyosho MP9 Nitro Buggy, and being a Kyosho fan it quickly caught my eye.

Problem is, I have the MP9E Electric Buggy, and not the Nitro.  Being the die hard Pro-Line fan I am, I was curious to see if I could get it to fit.

Interested to see how I did it?? KEEP ON READIN’!!


What you will need :

1 : Pro-Line Type- R body : 3456-17

2: Dremel tool

3: Curved Scissors

Ok, its pretty straight forward. I trimmed a rectangle shape on the right side about 10mm wide and down the length of the right side. and then trimmed 2-3 mm up the window line to allow for the straps and battery. The Body is Pre-Cut for Nitro, so it has the fuel tank and head holes cut in it already.


The battery does stick out of the body some, but it has still been protected in wrecks, and also helps show off the battery 😉 not to mention the battery stays cool as a cucumber LOL.

Cory Craig