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Dylan Hunter Shares his latest Races using Pro-Line Performance Parts


First, was the second points series race for Crandon’s triple crown. I raced 17.5 and Mod 2WD Short Course and I qualified 6th in both classes. I run the same truck in both classes and took forth place in mod 2WD Short Course on the most perfect track conditions! In 17.5 the perfect Track went down hill, it started to sprinkle and just turn everything to mud and most if not all the trucks were not able to clear most of the jumps on the track. Yet there is still one race left for that series. My TLR 22SCT ran perfect with the Pro-Line Tazer Tires on the rear and snipers on the front. To top off the look of the truck was the Pro-Line Ford Raptor SVT Body. The pictures are from after the last muddy 17.5 race!

IMG_2297 IMG_2296 IMG_2294

Second, I went down to Dirt Heaven in GreenBay, Wisconsin to race in the Corn roast. I raced my TLR 22 2.0 equipped with the Pro-Line Trifecta 1:10 Buggy Wing, Transitors Front Buggy Tires, Electrons in the Rear, and MIP puck system. The Buggy was ran in both Stock Buggy and Mod Buggy. I had some troubles figuring out a cross over part of the track in the 2 heats, but was still able to get into the A-Main in both classes. in Mod Buggy I was qualified 8th and made my way all the way up to 2nd but made mistake after mistake and ended up in 6th. 17.5 I qualified 6th and lead the race for a while. I still had troubles on the cross over and fell to 6th place where I would finish the race at.


Overall I would say if you ever get the chance to race in the corn roast go for it! I had an amazing time and got some amazing pictures of my car thanks to my girlfriend.

Thank you to Pro-Line and MIP for sponsoring me I’m looking forward to continue racing and improving my skills as both a racer and as helpful person in the pits.

– Dylan Hunter