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RC Patrol – Pro-Line Racing Light Bar install on Desert Raid body

Hello RC fans…This is DaveM from RC Patrol with a new video… In this video, I install the Pro-Line Light Bar on the Desert Raid Body, also by Pro-Line Racing. The bar is nice and well made with options for using 5mm LED to bring some light to the trail or off-road adventures. The kit comes with 6 well designed light buckets, complete with lenses, trim rings, and back caps to hold the LED in place. 

THE KIT DOES NOT COME WITH LED! PLEASE NOTE! There is the option to use a 4 light system or a 6 light system on your RC. Both have bars for holding the light bucket setup of your choice. All hardware is included in the Light Bar kit as well to mount everything together. ll-in-all the setup looks good and works good. I have used these lights on a few vehicles and they hold up well. I would suggest gluing the light lenses to the bucket if you are going to be doing some extreme bashing with the lights on top. That way you will not loose the cover lenses in a crash. For Scalers and Crawlers you should be fine. I did lose two of mine on my Summit bumper after a serious landing from a jump. 🙂 The Desert Raid body is another wonderful part featured on the video as well. In all it’s beauty it makes the Rally look wonderful, IMO.

I left Lexan up front to cover the foam bumper and a bit out back to complete the kitted look I was shooting for. In the end, I am pleased and the body fits the Rally like a glove this way. Styling on the body resembles off-road SUV’s of the new age with wide fenders and lots of air vents for cooling and wind channeling. A well built body by Pro-Line Racing…Indeed.

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