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Paul Peterson at Triple Crown Series RD#2 using Pro-Line Street Fighters


It took two weeks and 2 race days to get the second round of the COWRC.COM Triple Crown Series in the books due to mother nature. The scheduled date for the race was back on August 2nd where the day started out warm and sunny when the single car qualifying took place. Many guys were laying down 5.6 sec lap times until the #17, of Brian Laurent, rolled around and put down a 5.4 sec lap, to secure himself the pole in Heat race #1.

Paul Peterson Finished 2nd using Pro-Line Street Fighter SC Tires

After the heat races were done, it was time to add up everyones heat race points, settle the tie breakers by their single car qualifying lap time, and get everyone sorted out for the mains. There were 25 Sc Late Models signed in for the day which put some racers in the D-main all trying to get to the 8 car A-main, field.

The races were all complete up to the A-main until the storms rolled in twice late in the day, cancelling the races and moving the COWRC.COM SC Late Model A-Main to August 16th.

Two weeks went by and it was finally time for Round #2 to be completed. With clear weather and the race scheduled to run right away in the morning, it was a for sure thing, we were going to get this race in! Brian Laurent was the Top Qualifyer out of the heat races back on August 2nd, so he got to roll the dice for the inverted starting order of the 100 lap A-main. Brian rolled a 3 so that put him back in 3rd place and brought the #83 of Paul Peterson up to the front row, sharing it with his brother Wayne, making it a Peterson family reunion up front.

This was the first race of the day, so this A-main was on a fresh tacky race track, which set this race up to be exciting! As the green flag flew and sent the 8 car A-Main on its way, from there two wide starting format, it didn’t disappoint and shaped up to be a good start to the 100 lap A-Main, as Paul and Wayne ran side by side in the opening laps, with Paul up top and Wayne running the bottom groove. By lap 5 Wayne had the edge and was able to shake Paul off and take the #1 spot as Paul slid into 2nd place, until 2 laps later when Brian Laurent came to challenge and took over the 2nd spot, which sent Paul to 3rd. It was then Randy Yerke in 4th, Marcus Mcauly, 5th, Jack Zenil 6th, Bryan Barbeau 7th and Dana Zenil 8th.

It was Wayne, Brian and Paul paving the way early on with Wayne running a great race out front, not allowing Brian Laurent to make a pass for the lead until lap 27 when Wayne made a little slip, allowing Brian to get underneath and take the lead. That lead was short lived, when Wayne Peterson would rally back to the front and take it back on lap #37. Wayne would show he had what it took to beat the Dominator as he had a comfortable lead mid race until lap 77 when his motor would over heat coming out of turn 4 and would have to retire his #16 ride, while Brian adopted the top spot and wouldn’t look back from there to claim the COWRC.COM Round #2 win! Paul Peterson would follow behind in 2nd, Jack Zenil, 3rd, Randy Yerke 4th, Bryan Barbeau 5th, Marcus Mcauly 6th, Wayne Peterson 7th and Dana Zenil 8th.

Round #3 is set for September 27th where we will crown a 2015 COWRC.COM Triple Crown Series Champion along with the top 5 getting awards and top 15 getting a payout. Brian Laurent has a 6 point lead over Paul Peterson but 2nd through 5th place are all separated within 4 points of each other. In 2014 it was the same two faces in the top two spots, where Brian and Paul were tied going into the 3rd round. Paul got the edge on Brian to win the 2014 Triple Crown Series Championship. Now Brian is looking for his first ever Triple Crown Championship. In two years of doing the TCS we have had 2 different champions. Cole Tollard won it in 2013 and Paul Peterson in 2014. We will see on the 27th if Brian can hold onto his 6 point lead and become the 3rd different champion in the series!

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