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Tanner Stees at 2015 Roar 1:10 Electric Nationals on Pro-Line Primes


Pro-Line Prime Tire combo created a ton of grip even when the Track had lost the traction it had earlier in the day.

A few weeks back I attended the 2015 ROAR 1/10 Off-Road Electric Nationals held in Phoenix, AZ at SRS Raceway where the world famous Cactus Classic is held. In the week prior to the event they were able to open the track for some open practice and let it be almost like a warm up for the event as it packed the track some more and other than a few corners the Nats layout was already in.


The start of the nationals was nothing spectacular and more or less disappointing to say the least. The day started off great. My cars were feeling pretty good and the traction was extremely high as most had expected it to be. As the day got later and into the later rounds of seeding practice the track got considerably less grip. Although the track was not consistent, it worked out for me as both the combination of my hot bodies vehicles and

Pro-Line Prime tire combo created a ton of grip even when the track had lost the traction it had earlier in the day.

Although it had worked out for me and some of my fellow team mates most did not like the way the track was now so there was some complaints cast through to the roar officials.


Qualifying took an unexpected turn that most would not expect from a ROAR event until lately as once they set something it was thought to be that they could not change it. Everything seemed normal until the mod guys got on the track and realized how much more grip the track had which was a real downer since you work so hard to get your cars good on the grip that you had in practice and then they go and change it on qualifying day to help the people whose cars weren’t so good on the lower grip. With this happening it really took my cars setup and I a step back and now had me chasing my setup all through qualifying. Not knowing if the next round was going to be the same or different than the previous you really weren’t sure if you should be making wholesale changes or leaving your car alone as you didn’t know what to expect in the coming rounds. At the end of qualifying I was sitting 10th in the A-Main for 4WD Buggy and 1st in the D-Main for 2WD Buggy just due a few things such as lack of time on the car and an ever changing track.

Once main day came around I had what I thought was a pretty good setup on both my vehicles but since there was no bump ups for the lower Mains the damage had already been done basically. In the Triple A-Mains for 4WD Buggy I was able to finish in the 9th position which was one spot up from where I had started and was extremely happy with that as I had never ran a ROAR 1/10 Electric National event before.

In the end I would like to take a second and say thanks to both Hot Bodies/HPI Racing and Pro-Line for all the help on and off the track.

Tanner Stees