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Dallas Pruett OEOSS RD3 on Pro-Line Blockades


This is the OEOSS Round 3 makeup.
I Only brought out my E-Buggy as I didn’t think ther’d be any 1:10 classes.
Started with my own little base setup, Didn’t make many changes throughout the day besides Body and Tires.

My Pro-Line Racing M3 Blockades and Hole Shots 2.0’s were amazing all day! And showing very little wear on both sets of tires!


Qualifier one :
I was able to put in a fairly good run, Would be the run that be my fastest. I ran an 11 lap run at 5.05. Had a few bumps however the car felt great, and only wanted to find some more time. I knew I could.
I started the day on M3 (Soft) Blockades.
Qualifier two :
I made one change to the car for this round, I went to a lower rear camber link.
The car felt amazing! I was able to actually get really clean laps, only to find out that my transponder stopped counting about 2-minutes in.
Qualifier Three :
The track started to groove up, I decided to change from Blockades to Holeshot 2.0s in the Soft Compound.
We resorted and I was with some guys who were more my speed, and was able to get a decent run, while i just aimed to put in smooth laps, and stay clean, i wasnt able to beat my Q1 time.
I wound up starting 7th on the grid in the B-Main behind JQ Teammate Chad Rotruck. The race would start fairly clean, about 3/4th’s through the first lap, i was able to take advantage of a wreck from the 4 cars behind the leader and hop into second place! I was able to hold onto second place for a majority of the race while me and Michael had an amazing battle! The battle would continue until an unfortunate electronic failure would put him out of the race. I would continue the race and Hold on to second for the bump spot.
A-Main :
I would Start 10th on the grid for the A-Main. Being the Only JQ Car in the show, I was going to do my best i could!
The start would be fairly clean, i would just try to keep pace, and i did! i was able to move up to 6th or 7th after the first minute, however after letting the guys fighting for the lead and second and third, i fell back to 9th place where i finished.
I have to say thank you to Matt Cline who helped me out with charging my battery at the last minute as i wasnt expecting to take a bump into the A.
As always, I’d Like to thank my Sponsors for everything they do for me in my racing! I may not be the fastest guy out there, but i enjoy the hobby as i should, and Promote Great brands!

My CowRC Products were amazing all day! Moo-Kleen keeping the car clean! The Jet-Blaster got alot of attention throughout the day!

My JQ Products White Edition Ecar was amazing throughout the day! Its getting alot closer to my driving style each time i get it out! Very happy with it!

My Pro-Line Racing M3 Blockades and Hole Shots 2.0’s were amazing all day! And showing very little wear on both sets of tires!

Vision Racing Products

My RC Speed Passion 1800 KV Motor ran Cool even in 80+ degree weather! gave me the power i needed and more!

92zero Designs Stickers kept the cars looking professional! Even though the paint job isnt.. ( working on that wink emoticon )

RC Soup
@Assassin RC

Fierce RC Solutions
@FTM Grip

Team KNK
Bellgate Distributors

– Dallas Pruett