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Kevin Thomas at the Wicked Weekend on Pro-Line Stunners


It was a very long race, there was a total of 517 race entries so it was definitely a large race and featured Triple A-Mains.

I took 8th overall in the 4WD SCT division so I am extremely happy with that result. Another cool thing is other racers were switching to the Pro-Line Tires I was running. It was weird seeing someone buy brand new Tires to run the same tread pattern as me but it is kind of cool.

I used Pro-Line F11 Wheels (white), Pro-Line Stunner Tires (soft) and a Pro-Line EVO Short Course Body.

The Stunner Tires were consistent all weekend

even with the track deteriorating over the 3-day event and the conditions constantly changing from heat to heat and into the Triple A-Mains.

Kevin Thomas